When Holly works with people using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), each client is treated individually, and sessions will be tailored to the client's current set of goals.  She uses the ideas and techniques defined by Aaron and Judith Beck of the Beck Institute of Cognitive therapy to frame each session.Some ideas or concepts she may choose to use include:
  • developing strategies for effective problem solving
  • expanding mindfulness techniques to help clients gain some distance from negative thinking.
  • learning to re-enter situations clients have been avoiding
  • teaching new coping skills
  • tracking progress toward goals.

CBT can help clients recognize when thinking patterns may be creating negative emotions.  Some of these distorted thinking patterns may include:

  • All or nothing thinking
  • Mind reading
  • Personalizing
  • Catastrophizing
  • Disqualifying the positive

Clients learn in therapy how to recognize and change these thinking patterns.

Cognitive Therapy is one of the most widely researched and evidence-based forms of therapy. CBT has been shown in more than one thousand studies to be effective in treating a wide range of psychiatric disorders and psychological problems.